Pineapple Express Delivery Inc Announces Partnership with CROPSoft

OAKVILLE, ON, July 11, 2018 /CNW/ - We are pleased to announce a partnership between Pineapple Express Delivery Inc and CROPSoft.

Randy Rolph, CEO of Pineapple Express Delivery : "We are excited to partner with this innovative company .This partnership will offer a valuable and unique mixture of technology and same day delivery as an option to LPs and their patients . Partnerships such as this will ensure that  Pineapple Express Delivery Inc is setting a high standard for Cannabis distribution in Canada."

Dallas Devam President of CROPSoft; "We're excited to integrate with PED's innovative service and very pleased with what Pineapple Express Delivery  is offering to cannabis consumers and our Licensed Producers (LPs'). Pineapple Express Delivery stands to revolutionize the cannabis delivery service, give CROPSoft's LP clients a competitive advantage, and help retain customer loyalty."

About Pineapple Express Delivery Inc
The Pineapple Express Delivery Inc management team has over 10 years of experience offering same-day 60 minute delivery services in multiple industries across Canada with a record breaking 40,000 deliveries per month. Namaste Technologies, a global leader in the sale of medical cannabis consumption devices has recently invested over one million dollars into the company.

Pineapple Express Delivery Inc offers a personalized experience for its customers and has established in depth security and delivery protocols to facilitate same-day delivery of medical cannabis across the country. Pineapple Express Delivery Inc is dedicated to providing patients with a fully integrated, simple to use, same-day delivery platform which it believes brings great value to the medical patients across the country. For more information visit:

About CROPSoft

InterNexusMedia Ltd. o/a CROPSoft; is an IT company with a strict focus on building the most feature rich, robust, and complete software solutions for the cannabis industry. CROPSoft currently provides Canadian cannabis Licensed Producers with this end-to-end++ solution to meet ACMPR record keeping, QA/QC, cGMP, eCommerce, and financial tracking; the Cannabis Regulatory Operations Protocol Software (CROPSoft). INM will also offer cannabis retailers this new product purpose built upon the base of CROPSoft's technology to meet regulatory requirements in retail and the coming Cannabis Act; the Cannabis Regulatory Operations Point Of Sale (croPOS).

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For further information: about this topic please contact: CEO, Randy Rolph, PineappleExpressDelivery Inc., T: 647-454-4141, E:, W:; President, Dallas Devam, InterNexusMedia Ltd. o/a CROPSoft, C: 780-707-8640, E:, W: