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Kiaro Signs Distribution Agreement with Pineapple Express Delivery

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Pineapple Express Delivery Inc Extends Their Same Day Delivery Footprint to Saskatchewan


New Faces New Places: Cannabis delivered to your door with the click of a button


Can I get weed delivered (legally)? And how much does it cost?

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Westleaf’s Prairie Records Announces Same Day Delivery Service

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Pineapple Express Delivery Launches Same-Day Expedited Cannabis Delivery Options on Shopify Platform


3 Sixty Secure (SAFE.C) jumps on the Pineapple Express

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3 Sixty Secure Corp Announces Strategic Partnership with Pineapple Express Delivery Inc., a Leading Same-Day Cannabis Delivery Service Provider

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Namaste Extends Stake in Cannabis Provider Pineapple Express

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Namaste Announces Binding Agreement to Acquire an Additional 34% Equity in Pineapple Express Delivery for 49% Total Ownership


Namaste Technologies Takes 49% Stake in Pineapple Express Delivery

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Namaste Technologies Acquires Additional Equity in Pineapple Express Delivery


Delivering Pot in One Hour or Less


Cannabis Couriers Pineapple Express Hits Winnipeg Streets

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From Store to Front Door: Pot Legalization Means Big Business for Delivery Company

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Pineapple Express Delivery Inc Announces Partnership with CROPSoft

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Namaste Announces Signing of 15% Equity Acquisition of Same-Day Cannabis Delivery Platform, Pineapple Express Delivery Inc.